The GLEIF has accredited KDD - Centralna klirinško depotna družba d.d (Central Securities Clearing Corporation, Slovenia). With the accreditation, KDD - Centralna klirinško depotna družba d.d (Central Securities Clearing Corporation, Slovenia), meets all requirements of Accreditation as established by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation and is fully accredited as a Local Operating Unit authorized to issue Legal Entity Identifiers in designated jurisdictions.

Therefore, now you are able to obtain an LEI by KDD using KDD LEI user interface. Likewise, you may transfer any LEI that you obtained abroad to be maintained by KDD.

KDD assigns LEI to legal entities using the agreed principles outlined by the LEI Regulatory Oversight Committee.

The initial, one-time allocation fee amounts to EUR 78,07 EUR + VAT. The allocated LEI is valid for one year. Every year, you need to revalidate LEI. The annual maintenance fee amounts to EUR 41,13 + VAT.

What is an LEI

An LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is an international identifier for legal entities in a global system that connects key reference information, which allows for clear and uniform recognisability of legal entities who are active on global financial markets.

The initiative to form GLEIS (Global Legal Entity Identifier System) was assumed by FSB (Financial Stability Board) upon request of the G20 group following negative experience in identifying stakeholders in financial transactions during the last financial crisis. GLEIS is, with the help of a unique identification code on a global scale, supposed to enable quick identification of:

- Direct stakeholders in financial transactions (so called Level 1. Information gathered in this phase will answer the question ‘who is who’. In this phase the Legal Entity, that wishes to obtain or already has an LEI, must provide information such as: LEI (if the Legal Entity has an LEI), name of the Legal Entity, business register number, VAT number, legal form and name of the valid business register where the above data is visiable.)

- Complex corporate associations (so called Level 2. Information gathered in this phase will answer the question of ‘who owns whom’. Specifically, legal entities that have or acquire an LEI will report their ‘ultimate accounting consolidating parent’ as well as their ‘direct accounting consolidating parent’ to state if they are in a ‘Parent-Child’ relationship. Information in Level 2 is mandatory from 1.5.2017)

- Connections between issuers of securities and securities themselves (so called Level 3, is a predicted third phase of the LEI development, but currently not yet in place)

The operating establishment of this system has been assigned to non-profit organisation GLEIF (Global LEI Foundation), which was founded in July 2014 and is controlled by the ROC (Regulatory Oversight Committee). The Committee, which includes over 50 regulators and stakeholder groups from all over the world (in Slovenia its member is the Bank of Slovenia), approves local operating (registration) units called LOUs (Local Operation Unit), which allocate LEIs.

In Slovenia, KDD was endorsed by the Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) as an authorised Local Operating Unit (LOU) for the global allocation of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI).

Upon application by a legal entity, KDD allocates or transferrs an LEI and provides maintenance thereof, i.e. verification, changes or amendments of reference information of the respective legal entity.

The list of LEIs maintained by KDD, including associated reference information is published by KDD on its website.

Allocation or transfer of maintenance of an LEI requires registration.

If you beleive published data on a LEI or a legal entity are incorrect or incomplete, please inform us thereof using a Data Challenge form (Legal Person - Data Challenge, Fund - Data Challenge).

Request an LEI allocation or transfer in four simple steps using KDD LEI user interface:

  1. Register
    1. Create a user account and register.
    2. Following successful registration you will receive a confirmation of your registration to your e-mail.
  2. Submit your application:
    1. After your registration is confirmed, sign in.
    2. Submit your application for LEI allocation or transfer and send us supporting documents.
    3. Check your entered records and settle the invoice*, which is sent to your e-mail.
  3. LEI Allocation or Transfer:
    1. After receiving due payment, KDD publishes the assigned or transferred LEI on KDDLEI website
    2. You may change or update your reference data at any time by signing in to your user account.

*LEI transfer is free of charge, when transferring an LEI the charged fee refers to annual maintenance fee.

Please read the User Guide and KDDLEI Terms and Conditions to assist you in registering and submitting your application.

KDDLEI enables you to request, Transfer and maintain your LEI records. By logging in you can monitor your LEI Status, view your LEI details, add documentation and fulfil annual renewal obligations.

You can also search LEI records and download data files.